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The Mitten by Jan Brett

January 24, 2011 - 9:56 pm No Comments

This is one of my favorite Jan Brett stories. Nicki’s grandma makes him some mittens and he promptly loses one of them in the snow. A mole finds it though and thinks it’s nice and warm and just his size, so he scoots on in to make it his home. Then a snowshoe rabbit moves in with the mole and then a hedgehog and the list goes on and on until the mitten is definitely stretched to the max with animals trying to keep warm. A bear sneezing is what eventually gets all of the animals out, Nicki finds his mitten and heads home. His grandma is pleased that he has not lost his mittens, but is a little puzzled as to why one of them is much larger than the other. Brett’s illustrations on the side let children see which animal is coming up next…so much fun!

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

January 24, 2011 - 9:44 pm No Comments

In this version of the classic Gingerbread Man story, the Gingerbread Baby escapes from the oven and by the end of the book it seems as if the whole town is chasing him. What readers get to see with Jan Brett’s extra illustrations on the side is that Matti (the boy who made the Gingerbread Baby) is devising a plan to catch him. By the end of the story the Gingerbread Baby has been caught, but only Matti knows where he is…safe inside the gingerbread house Matti was making while everyone else was chasing him.

Snow, Snow, Snow by Lee Harper

January 19, 2011 - 6:59 pm No Comments

A family decides to go sledding on the best sledding hill in the “whole wide world”. They all pile on, go zipping down the hill and hit a big bump which send them sailing into the air…WAY up in the air. They land with a thud and the littlest member of the family declares, “Again!”

Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett

January 19, 2011 - 6:50 pm No Comments

Annie’s cat is acting strangely…eating more, sleeping more and hiding in strange places and then one day she is gone. Annie is lonely and decides to leave a corn cake at the edge of the woods to see if she can get a small furry pet to come and eat it and then it would be her pet. Instead she gets a moose and then a wildcat and then a bear…not what she had in mind. As all of this is going on, the illustrations that border the page not only tell what animal from the woods Annie is going to meet next, but they also show what Annie’s cat (and her kittens) are doing. By the end of the story, it is spring and the forest animals have returned to the woods where they can now find food and Annie’s cat comes back with her new brood.

The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler

January 19, 2011 - 6:36 pm No Comments

Little Nell keeps being told by BIG Mama, BIG Sarah and BIG Lizzie that she can’t do anything because she’s too little. Little Nell goes out into the snowy woods to spend time with her friends Reindeer, Hare and Bear Cub who ask her to show them how to make a snowman. She says she can’t because she is too small. Her friends insist that she can and so she gives it a try. With the help of her friends they end up making a VERY BIG snowman and BIG Mama, BIG Sarah and BIG Lizzie are very surprised when they go see it. They also realize that maybe Little Nell can do a lot of things they didn’t think she could do.

Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman

January 19, 2011 - 6:24 pm No Comments

You can try to read this, but you will end up singing like I did.

There were ten on the sled
and the caribou said,
“Slip over! Slide over!”
So they all slid over,
and Seal spilled out.

There were nine on the sled
and the caribou said….

Super cute and so much fun to read…or sing. 🙂

The Hat by Jan Brett

January 12, 2011 - 8:15 pm No Comments

A little girl loses a mitten to a hedgehog who gets his nose stuck in it so that it looks like he is wearing a hat. The mother hen sees him and laughingly asks him what is on his head. He tells her it’s his beautiful new hat. The gander, the barn cat, the dog, the pig and the horse all laugh at the hedgehog, too, but secretly wish they all had something cool to wear. By the end they all look like a winter fashion show gone terribly wrong. Your kids will love the illustrations, especially the ones on the side of each page that give them a little hint as to what is coming up next in the story. I think this is the first Jan Brett book I ever read and it is probably one of her most famous.

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

January 11, 2011 - 11:08 am No Comments

This story is a fun twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Aloo-ki loses her dog sled team on an ice floe and as she is trying to search for them she stumbles across the biggest igloo she has ever seen. It happens to be the igloo of three polars bears who just left to give their breakfast time to cool. The illustrations on the side give the child insight as to what is happening in other parts of the story and also helps the child make predictions…a great reading strategy that every child needs in their “reading toolbox.”

A Perfect Day for It by Jan Fearnley

January 10, 2011 - 11:30 am No Comments

We are taking a one day break from Jan Brett because so many of our friends across the country are having a snow day today. This seemed like the perfect book. Bear is headed up the mountain. Badger asks him why he is going up the mountain and he just replies “Because it’s the perfect day for it.” All of Bear’s friends think they know why he is going up the mountain. To get some honeycomb? To snowball someone? Looking for treasure? Your children will have a blast trying to figure out what bear is going to do once he gets to the top. (Hint: The cover of the book kind of gives it away.) 🙂

Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett

January 9, 2011 - 10:07 pm No Comments

This is a cute and fun tale of a clever little girl outwitting a bunch of trolls as she tries to hike over the mountain with her dog. This is one of Jan Brett’s books that you can read again and again and again and each time you read it your child will find something new in the illustrations…so much fun!!!!