The 3 Little Dassies by Jan Brett

January 9, 2011 - 10:15 pm 1 Comment

As our children become more familiar with the world, they are able to make connections in books to the things they know around them. This is a great book for practicing those connections because even though this story takes place in Africa and its star characters are three dassies and an eagle, it won’t take your child long to figure out that this story sounds a lot like another story they know that has three little pigs and a big bad wolf.

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  1. Victoria S. Says:

    I like all your posts on Jan Brett Books. I just did one this past week and wanted to share it with you. Jan is doing a contest to visit the school or library who gets the most supporters to like her facebook page and enter the contest. See more info on my post.
    Do you have an RSS feed through feedburner or are you on Twitter or Google Friend Connect so people can keep following what you post about? The RSS feed and Google Friend would be great to add to your site so more people can see these fun books you’re posting about. Nice site!

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