Too Many Turkeys by Linda White

November 17, 2010 - 1:33 pm No Comments

Fred and Belle have a beautiful garden and all of the neighbors want to know how they manage to have such gorgeous flowers and so many vegetables. Well, it all started when Fred insisted that they keep a little wild turkey chick that they found. Belle didn’t want it, but it turned out that the little turkey’s droppings are good for the garden, he eats insects that might hurt the garden and all of the scratching in the dirt he does is good for the garden, too. Well, would it be better to have hundreds of turkeys then? No, but when a hundred turkeys do show up in their yard, Fred is willing to share their secret if each of the neighbors takes one home. This is a cute book and I love the language the author uses. There are words like: infernal mess, took a gander, flitted, flourished, careened, smidge, dales and gangly.

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