The Mitten by Jan Brett

January 24, 2011 - 9:56 pm No Comments

This is one of my favorite Jan Brett stories. Nicki’s grandma makes him some mittens and he promptly loses one of them in the snow. A mole finds it though and thinks it’s nice and warm and just his size, so he scoots on in to make it his home. Then a snowshoe rabbit moves in with the mole and then a hedgehog and the list goes on and on until the mitten is definitely stretched to the max with animals trying to keep warm. A bear sneezing is what eventually gets all of the animals out, Nicki finds his mitten and heads home. His grandma is pleased that he has not lost his mittens, but is a little puzzled as to why one of them is much larger than the other. Brett’s illustrations on the side let children see which animal is coming up next…so much fun!

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