Magic Treehouse Series by Mary Pope Osbourne

April 11, 2011 - 11:33 am No Comments

This series of books is a MUST for those kids who are starting to read beginning chapter books. You would be hard pressed to find a second grader who hasn’t read at least one of them I imagine. This series is the kind, however, that once a child has read one of them, they usually just keep on reading and before you know it they have read all of them. Why do I love them? Not only are these books full of adventure, but they are very well researched and kids learn about people and places from history and geography as well. They also make great read alouds if your child isn’t quite ready to read them alone. Another thing I really like about these books is that they come on tape/CD. They are great to listen to in the car and the content is appropriate for children of various ages.

One last thing I love about them is that the fiction books also have non-fiction companion books that go along with them. So, if your child really enjoyed The Magic Treehouse book where Jack and Annie end up being a part of the American Revolution, then there is a non-fiction book that goes along with it where they can learn more about that part of history.

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