Wikki Stix

July 10, 2011 - 10:54 am No Comments

When children are ready to start exploring the shapes of letters and numbers, Wikki Stix are a super fun way for children to practice, especially if Wikki Stix are new to them. Wikki Stix are essentially wax covered yarn that you can bend and stick into whatever shape you’d like which is why they are great for practicing letter and number shapes. Some kids may be able to figure out how to manipulate the Wikki Stix into letter and number shapes without having an example to follow. Others, however, may need the shape to follow either just to look at as a model or they may need to have an example that they can place their Wikki Stix on top of to follow. Then, when they are done practicing their letters and numbers, they can use them to make whatever they want.

For older kids, they can be used to practice sight words. They can also be used to practice writing their name or family members’ names.

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