Clorinda by Steven Kellogg

April 11, 2010 - 7:03 pm No Comments

We were introduced to this book when it came in our box of Cheerios a few years ago and we instantly fell in love with it. Clorinda is a cow who aspires to be more than a cow…she wants to dance! She is told that she can’t dance by many, but she doesn’t give up. She leaves the farm and heads to the city, where after many no’s, she finally finds a spot in the corps de ballet. She practices, practices and practices and finally gets her chance in the spotlight where she promptly smashes her dancing partner after landing on him. Poor Clorinda realizes that her dancing career needs to find a different path. She doesn’t give up though. She does eventually find a stage where she can show off all of her moves, it’s just not where she expected to end up.

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