Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk

September 6, 2010 - 11:15 pm 1 Comment

Sam the mouse lives in the library and when everyone goes home one night, he decides he is going to write and illustrate his own book. He works very hard on it and when he is done he puts it on the library shelf for the children to read. He loves it so much that he keeps writing books and the children keep discovering them. The librarian, however, can’t seem to figure out who the mystery writer is. So she puts a note on the bulletin board asking the mystery writer to come to a special event to talk to the children about writing books. Well, Sam is very shy, so he comes up with his own way to help each of and every one of the children realize that they, too, can write their own books.

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  1. Heather G Says:

    This has been one of Sam’s favorites for over a year. There are 2 others in the series. 2nd isn’t quite as good & we’re still waiting on the 3rd.

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