Mad Libs Junior

September 17, 2010 - 9:13 pm No Comments

Okay, I know these aren’t technically books, but they are a great way for early readers to get some fun practice. These are similar to the Mad Libs you may be used to, but they are a little more user friendly for our younger friends. These have four lists of words: verbs, adjectives, nouns and misc. Each category has a symbol by it so children can easily tell which type of word goes in each blank. The super awesome part is that most of the words are words the early readers will know or they are words that they can probably figure out with a little help. For example, I bought one today and there are color words in the misc. column. Some words found in the nouns column include: ham, map, pizza, boat and tree. The adjectives column has words like: sad, sick, nice, wild and ugly. The verbs column has words like: sing, clap, burp, fart (yes, fart), cry, skip and run. There are definitely some harder words, but that’s why the parents are there. This is such a great way to build reading confidence in a fun and non-traditional way.

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