Edward and the Pirates by Edward McPhail

April 5, 2011 - 9:07 am No Comments

This is my new favorite book! Edward loves to read…books, cereal boxes, seed catalogs…you name it, he likes to read it, but his favorite is adventure stories. Well, one night while he is asleep he wakes up to find pirates surrounding his bed. They have come to get the pirate book Edward has been reading because they think it might tell them where their treasure is buried. Edward would happily give it to them, but it’s a library book…they will just have to wait until he turns it in. After some begging and pleading from the pirates, Edward decides that they can read it right there in his room. He gives them the book, and they huddle over it for a while and then confess that none of them can read, so Edward reads it to them. Not only is this story adorable, but the illustrations…all of the pirates huddled around Edward’s bed as he reads to them…are priceless. LOVE it!

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