The “Who Was….?” Series

August 29, 2012 - 10:13 pm No Comments

I am pretty sure that our boys have read just about every one of these this summer. Some of them we checked out from the library and some of them we bought for the two longer road trips we made this summer. These books are so well written and just fantastic in every way, especially if you have a little historian in your house. The series covers everyone from King Tut to Steve Jobs to Anne Frank to Daniel Boone to Walt Disney to The Beatles and many, many more.

They all have both text and pictures. They also have a timeline in the back of each book that shows events from the person’s life and then a corresponding time line that shows world events that happened during that person’s life. Again, your little historian will love these books. I would say if you have a second grader who is a really good reader that they could probably handle these. What’s so great about them though is that I think a child even in middle school would find these interesting as well.

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